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And he’s looking for trouble~

Come at me darlings, I finally got my suits back from the cleaners, it feels oh so good to be back in commission xJM

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if you had a pet what would the thing be

I have a pet, its name is Basher , it’s a borderline alcoholic (No actually it is an alcoholic), and he’s a gigantic cat. 

But if I were to have /another/ pet it would be a snake or a spider.


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oh man jimmy you got turned down by molly

Oh did I? Sorry I stopped paying attention to it. Though now that I think about it, its quite amusing. It’d be boring if she kept being so compliant. 

Though I may not have time to keep arguing my case with her. xJM

Games are about to start. 

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What are your rates for hiding someone?

Oh, it would depend on the person quite honestly. If I even think you’re worth my time I’ll consider a rate for you. If not. Well , speaks for itself doesn’t it? xJM

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okay this has been bothering me for a while. blood is pretty much the cousin of pee how can you be so comfortable with it like it's almost like someone peed on you omg imma puke

Tell me, what is it like in your boring mind? xJM

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How often do you travel out of country?

A lot.  I have an empire to rule after all don’t I? xJM

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(Sorry for the semi hiatus , things have been really busy around here with work and convention season, but I’ll be back very soon. I’ve found the proper motivation/ Time to be able to make it back online. 

Hopefully I’ve even managed to catch myself a Sebastian Moran.)


So fill up the ask box with anons and what not. 

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Will be on this account this weekend sometime. Ask me things.

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Dear Jim. You seem like the guy that could hold up a great conversation. I think we should get to know one another, yes?

Oh, well hello there, so you’re Jack . I’ve heard l quite a bit about you popping up in London. Let me set you some ground rules, if you interfere with the men I employ, or my work? You won’t have much to talk about with me.


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What comes once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years?